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How are you different from other guided tours?

  • We are not a guided tour company, although we do provide most of what a guided tour company provides- i.e. planned lodging and meals, ground transport or luggage assistance as needed.

  • We are pilgrims as well as rites of passage guides. Our program focuses on the Camino de Santiago as a rites of passage ritual, to hold and honor each story, to provide a safe space to discover and embrace oneself, to witness individual ceremonies to mark deaths and rebirths. Ultimately, to guide and empower pilgrims to the unique path that is awaiting them.

  • Depending on several factors like weather, location, terrain, your pace and how many breaks you take, you will be out on your Camino walk for 4-7 hours per day.  We will also be spending 2-4 hours in group circle per day.

What is included and what is not included in the program fee?

What is included?

  • 12-day program tuition

  • Pilgrim credential passport

  • Ground transportation (depending on the program, ground transportation to the nearest city at the beginning or end of the program)

  • 2 sessions of post-program support

What is NOT included? 

  • Airfare

  • Train or bus fares

  • Travel insurance

  • Accommodations in private albergues/hostels

  • Meals: breakfasts, lunch, dinner

  • Luggage transport 

  • Other personal expenses like laundry, snacks, etc.

Note: If you need help with booking airfare, trains, etc. we are more than happy to help guide and make suggestions.​

Isn´t it free to walk the Camino?
If so, why should I sign-up?

  • Yes, walking the Camino per se is free. One can certainly walk it on one's own.

  • Majority of the costs incurred are for lodging, meals, and sometimes gears/clothing.  The other costs are laundry, groceries, and luggage transport. The costs vary depending on the type of accommodations and meals.  See more below for more information on budgets.

  • Walking the Camino is an important and significant decision.  Often, there is a deep meaning for walking it. Many have walked the path themselves but finding themselves having the "Camino blues".  The Camino becomes a cherished experience instead of a transformative one. 

  • Our walks are aimed at walking the Camino purposefully and guiding pilgrims to find themselves and the unique lesson(s) the Camino has for them.

  • It is not a cheap decision but definitely a priceless one that you deserve.

  • Bonus, you don't have to worry about finding the best accommodations or figuring out how to get to obscure starting points or worrying about what-ifs during your walk. We are guides but also your personal Camino planner of sort. :)

Are we walking solo, in groups, or with guides?

  • Our programs are designed for deep self-inquiry and reflection.

  • Pilgrims are highly encouraged to walk solo for at least half the time each day.  It is not uncommon to find yourself walking with or by someone that has a similar pace. This is completely fine and a natural camino occurrence. The most important part is giving yourself personal space and time and respecting others' space as well.  We will all be together at the start and beginning of each day.

  • Our program is not designed for having a guide physically walking with participants but you may bump into one of us along your daily walk. 

  • Your guides will be with you at the start and end of the day. However, guides will be available at any point along your daily walk in case you need any help.  We are not far away, just working on the backgrounds.

  • In certain situations that you need special assistance and a personal guide, please inquire and we can arrange this.  We are here to guide your inner journey but if you need a guide in your outer journey, let that not be a hindrance to your inner journey.

What religion or spiritual practice do you belong to?

  • We are non-religious. We respect others' religious or spiritual practices.

  • We believe in the cycles of nature - the natural world, the human and the divine nature.

  • We believe we are mirror of nature and of and to each other.

  • We respect ancient traditions and rituals and do not appropriate other people's indigenous ceremonies.  Our ancestry guides us in self-generated ceremonies and rituals.

  • Our roots are based in the four shields, four directions, four elements teachings.

What to bring?

  • Part of the Camino is knowing what your needs are and what are comfort items. Sometimes you make trade-offs. Most people do end up bringing more than is needed.  Remember that there are pharmacies along the Camino routes.  However, bring your personal medications.

  • Some fly with roller luggage. If you will be traveling before and/or after your Camino and will be flying back in the same airport, we suggest leaving your roller luggage at a hotel or luggage storage service and only taking your Camino backpack with you en route to our starting points.

  • Suggested packing list


  • Most fly into Madrid, some to Barcelona, then take the high speed train (Renfe) or bus (usually ALSA) to our starting points.

  • For those starting in Saint Jean Pied de Port (SJPP), if you fly into Madrid, we recommend getting to Pamplona by train and then take the ALSA bus to SJPP. At the end of the program, we provide ground transportation to Logroño, where you can fly or catch the bus or train. 

  • For those starting in Burgos, if you fly into Madrid, we recommend taking the train to Burgos.  At the end of the program, we provide ground transportation to Ponferrada, where you can catch either the bus or train

  • For those starting in Ponferrada, if you fly into Madrid, we recommend taking the train to Ponferrada.  We will meet in Ponferrada and we will provide ground transportation to Camponaraya where we will start the program. 

Am I fit enough?

  • Depending on the program you choose, you will be walking on average 14 miles or 20 miles per day.  For hilly routes, we will be walking shorter distances while for flat routes, we will cover longer distances.

  • The key is pacing yourself.  Take lots of breaks to enjoy the scenery, have snacks, change socks, or clothes, reflect...

  • Young and old pilgrims of varying physical fitness have walked the Camino de Santiago. That said, we recognize that our focus is the inner soul journey. 

  • On a case by case basis, we offer luggage transportation between albergues/hostels. We highly recommend getting the full Camino experience by carrying your pack. 

Requirements to get the Compostela

  • Walk the last 100 km or bike the last 200 km.

  • Get your Credential stamped at least once everyday. Stamps are available in albergues, churches, restaurants/cafes, stores, etc.

  • Beginning in Sarria, you need to get at least 2 stamps everyday.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • We live in unpredictable times and therefore we recognize that there might be unforeseen circumstances beyond our control like international travel restrictions. In such cases, programs will be cancelled and full refunds issued back to you.  

Want to walk further?

  • Once you finish your program and would like to walk further, we highly encourage you to do so.  We can provide logistical guidance and continued guidance through 1:1 sessions. Let us know if this is your plan when you sign up. 

How much does it cost to walk the Camino on my own?

  • This depends on several factors- location, type of accommodation, number of meals and snacks, where you eat, extra expense like refueling on personal toiletries or supplies, luggage transport, gear purchases, etc.

  • Location- In areas where there are not a lot of options, private albergues tend to command a bit more premium because they can and rightfully so as sometimes they are off the beaten track.

  • Accommodation cost per night- These are prices we have observed in 2021. Public albergues costs between €10-€14, Private albergues costs between €11-€18 for bunk beds or single beds in a dorm, private rooms (room in non-dormitory style) ranges a lot but costs on average €35, private rooms with private bathroom on average costs €40 and above, hotel rooms are closer to €80-€150.

  • Meals per day- Breakfast €3-€5, Menú del día €10-€15, Dinner €14-€18, Grocery meals €10-€14, Snacks €3-€10.  In major cities where you may want to splurge, meals can be anywhere from €10-€40 or more.

  • Laundry- Wash €3, Dry €3

  • Luggage transport- €5 per day

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