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Honor Woodard, Fellow Traveler

Threshold companion, soul path walker, hearth tender, miner of dream gold, maker of healing images, Honor has gone to Nature for guidance since she was a child, informing and enhancing an evolving relationship to the more than human world and companionship with wild rivers and forests in the places where she roams. She has honed her attentiveness to the elements, orienting her work to attuning to soul and authentic remembering, continuing to find her way by feel, bodily sensing and deep listening. 


After a decade blending integrative bodywork and deep stillness, and taking people to Nature for soul engaging experiences, Honor is weaving the threads of her healing arts practice with her skills in dreamwork, soul work and self generated ceremony, culminating in Soul Nature, offering programs to support soul work and rites of passage. 


In the last year, Honor fasted and trained as a Threshold Guide with the School of Lost Borders, and she is excited to be able to provide a more accessible container for this kind of deepening and growth to her community. 

Deanna Renee Falge, Earth Embodied

Deanna Renee Falge (she/her) grew up in Santa Cruz, California, land of the Awaswas people, where she currently lives. 

Passionate about supporting others through transition and transformation by guiding them into deep and meaningful relationship with the Earth, body, soul, and community, Deanna founded Earth Embodied.

Earth Embodied was seeded out from her first wilderness vision fast journey, and has been a culmination of her work and experience in embodiment facilitation, dance, nature-based life coaching, mentoring, ecotherapy, outdoor education, mindfulness, performance, and rites of passage.

When she is not guiding, you can most easily find her surfing, playing in the ocean, contemplating life in an oak tree, dancing, DJing, singing, laughing, wandering off trail, or eating quality dark chocolate.


Mic, El Peregrino 

Always somewhere 'almost home', to his pilgrim soul the road is home.

Mic grew up living in the in-between spaces of reality (outer and inner worlds), identity, age, gender, and culture initiating him early on into humanity.  His childhood was spent questioning his own existence on earth and the deep inquiry of a 'God' in the midst of blatant injustices and numbing apathy he observed while growing up in the impoverished slums in the Philippines.  

Finding solace and a sense of deep belonging in nature, he learned what beauty, kindness, service, courage, authenticity, and love are.  Nature was, and is, a mirror, a teacher of how to live, how to be human.  

After attending his first wilderness rites of passage in 2017,  Mic fell in love with the practice of council and the intentional marking of life transitions.  He trained with the School of Lost Borders as a rites of passage guide along the Camino de Santiago in Spain and the healing mountains in the US.

Amy Tuttle (Thunder)

Amy Tuttle (Thunder) is a threshold guide, council facilitator, and arts & healing practitioner. She began her dance with wilderness guiding and nature-based rites of passage in 2007. Her journey has led her into deep study with Animas Valley Institute, The School of Lost Borders, and alongside many cherished mentors. 

Thunder’s intention is to midwife meaning through life’s many transitions and co-create relevant medicine for these times. She supports shifts in the human life cycle, including deathwork. Her offerings are an intuitive collaboration between: creative expression, ceremony, grief-work, trauma-healing, and council-based practices. She believes that the simple+deep process of storytelling and mythos-crafting supports personal growth, guides community-building, and shapes cultural transformation. Thunder’s vision is a world animated by connection, empathy, and authentic response. 

With experiences guiding individual and group Rites of Passage, Vision Fasting, and Arts-Based First Response in disaster-relief scenarios; Thunder has fluidity in a diversity of settings. Passionate about diversity & accessibility inside of this body of work, she integrates these practices in wild and urban landscapes.  Midwifing the process of death and dying with patients in hospice care, supporting trauma-informed rites of passage in various Mental Health Units, in Cincinnati’s Veterans Administration Hospital, supporting youth Rites of Passage programs including school-based programming, serving as a trainer/mentor- guiding the trajectory of global Arts in Medicine efforts (trained and mentored over 1500 practitioners around the world), and supporting individuals through private practice: Thunder Healing Arts. 


Thunder holds an MA in Arts in Transformation, Teaching Certificate in Movement Intelligence, Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and Psychological First Aid certificates.

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