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Walking with Grief

"Never has grief been possessed, never has love been learned, and what removes us in death is not revealed." - Rainer Maria Rilke

"We don't even have an understanding of what a rite of passage is, and grief is a huge rite of passage. And so, you begin to think that you're crazy, you're not doing it right. Just with the understanding of what a rite of passage is, it makes people feel, "Oh, what I'm feeling is right and just keep going." And to have a culture to offer a meaningful way to help guide that energy would make such a difference." - Meredith Little

Program Overview

  • This 12-day Camino starts from Burgos and goes through the big skies of the Spanish meseta finishing in Foncebadon, Leon covering over ~260km (~162 miles).

  • Our group size is limited to  4-8 pilgrims to keep the program personally rich

  • Grief is an all-consuming, often debilitating human experience.  Death of a loved one, a major illness, a mental crisis, a traumatic event, loss of a relationship, a dark night of the soul- Grief strips us down to the point where there is nothing left in us.

  • Unmourned grief are like ghosts waiting to be heard. In allowing grief to shape us, we honor its imprint on our souls and how darkness profoundly transforms us in ways we would never arrive at on our own. 

  • Walking with grief is rite of passage through giving grief time and space to be heard and processed, to allow oneself to fully feel all that arises, to witness oneself and be witnessed by others, to name what has passed, what is dying to allow healing to occur

What's Included

  • 12-day program tuition (Scale $850-$1300)

  • Pilgrim credential passport

  • Ground transportation (at the end of the program)

  • 2 sessions of post-program support

Your budget

  • 11 nights of Albergues/hostels

    • On average, shared dorms are $18/night, private rooms are $45/night

  • 12 day meals

    • On average, breakfast $5, menu del dia $10-$15, snacks/refreshments $5​

  • If you need backpack transport $6 per day/segment

Typical Schedule

  • We will meet in Burgos, Spain at 9:00 am to begin the program

  • Breakfast is usually available as early as 6:30 am 

  • Daily morning schedule begins at 8:00 am

  • On average you will be walking 25-30 km (15-20 miles) per day

  • Daily afternoon schedule begins at 5:00 pm

  • Dinner is usually available at 7:00 pm

  • After dinner, you will have your personal time 

  • Quiet time/lights out at 10:00 pm

  • Program ends by 2:00 pm on the last day


  • Your journey begins from the moment you decided to walk the Camino

  • Upon your reservation and enrollment, we will send you a welcome kit containing a packing list, preparation guidance and further program details

  • Book your flight and ground transportation (see Resources)

  • Decide what to bring with you, what is essential to you (see Resources)

  • Walk and go for hikes in nature around your area


Deposit: $250

Our sliding scale program tuition aims to make our programs as accessible as possible. Please pay what you are able to keep our programs going. Thank you for your support. 
*Payment plans available.

Reserve your spot

Your deposit reserves your spot and represents your commitment to your Camino journey. Your deposit is deducted from the tuition balance. This is a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit that is required for enrollment.

Once you have made your reservation, fill out the enrollment form and we will email you a welcome kit and further program details.

Need help deciding if this is the right program? Or have other questions? Email us below

Thanks for submitting! We will touch base with you shortly.

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