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Our Roots

Whom we serve

"Some people walk the Camino to die, most walk it to live..."

The Camino is a physical challenge, an item off the bucket list, a fun adventure with friends, a getaway from one's daily routine. But to many who are called to walk the Camino, it is not a leisure trip but a sacred journey.  

We value, respect, and welcome diversity in ethnicity, culture, age, gender, sexuality, spirituality, ideologies, and species.

Come as you are.


Bring that which has called you to the Camino.

Why we are here

We are here as a container to hold space, witness, and mark life transitions.

We are here to honor the Camino de Santiago as a rite of passage.

We respect our shared humanity with all its beauty and flaws. 

We are all pilgrims, walking our unique soul journeys.

We are not spiritual gurus but mid-wives to help pilgrims transition between births, deaths, and rebirths.

We are mirrors of nature and mirrors of and to each other.

Guiding Principles

Four Shields of Nature


Council circle

Initiations and Self-generated ceremony

Personal myth

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